SomaVita ‘ElevatePlus’ Supplement Review – A Nano Purchase

As I was browsing Nano’s subreddit, I noticed a post announcing a sizable discount when using Nano to purchase the mood booster ‘ElevatePlus’ from Being big into supplements myself, I thought I might as well support the cause and try out a bottle.

Why I Bought ElevatePlus

First and foremost, I bought using Nano to support our ecosystem. Secondly, I’ve experimented with relaxation/mood supplements in the past with mixed results. Based on their website, it seemed pretty trustworthy since all the ingredients were listed with full doses. I already have experience with taking some of the ingredients used in this supplement, like phenibut and l-theanine, so I know they are effective by themselves.

How to Buy

To use Nano to buy from the site SomaVita Supplements, I had to email [email protected] my shipping information,  along with my Nano address. They responded with the address to send my Nano to. Once I send 2 Nano, I received a response the next day with the tracking number. I got my bottle a few days after that.elevate-plus-somavita

Coupons: Use code ‘ELEVATEPLUS15’ for 15% off if you don’t want to use Nano. If you use Nano, you get about a 40% discount.

Does it Work

ElevatePlus is essentially sold as a mood booster. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to supplement claims, but it did end up delivering.

The night that it arrived I had been up all night and only got a few hours of sleep. The next morning I took a serving of ElevatePlus with some coffee (they recommend taking it on an empty stomach or with coffee). Within an hour I felt really mentally smooth and my perceptiveness was starting to increase.

I wasn’t groggy or in a bad mood like I’d usually be when I’m tired.

I went into work and found myself chatting up my coworkers and genuinely being friendlier than I usually am early in the morning. I took another two pills before lunch and my day breezed by. Since then, I’ve taken it a few more times and it really does seem to take the edge off.

I’ve additionally noticed that my anxiety levels tend to be noticeably lower when on this supplement.

To Wrap it All Up

I took a chance ordering ElevatePlus, knowing nothing about the supplement beforehand. I enjoyed the process of ordering with Nano; it was as easy as me sending SomaVita the Nano, as well as emailing them my shipping info. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the supplement and will probably order from them in the future.

Please check out more businesses that accept Nano!

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