Nano Paper Wallet Setup Guide: the Easy Way and the Hard Way

Security Tips

Before using a cold wallet, please be incredibly cautious with where you store it. I recommend encrypting your cold wallet, and then backing up the resulting file wherever you want. Have at least 2 places you back it up (i.e. USB and any cloud storage); you never know what may go wrong.

  • Muonium – secure encrypted storage (free)
  • Cryptomator – client-side encryption software (free)
  • Boxcryptor – cloud and local encryption (free)
  • Veracrypt – rigorous and secure encryption (free, for intermediate-advanced users)
    • This is the ideal option in terms of security. You can encrypt a whole USB drive with this.

The Easy Way

The easy way is to use this paper wallet generator by Ben Green, aka Numtel from Github. You can review the open-sourced code if you’re skeptical, but I’m confident it’s secure considering that Raiblocks developers have mentioned it on their Github and many people have reviewed the post on Reddit’s /r/Raiblocks.

The Hard Way

If you’re determined to make a cold wallet manually, it shouldn’t be too tricky, but it does take much more time than doing it the easy way.

Know the locations depending on which OS you have.

  • For Windows: C:\Users\AppData\Local\RaiBlocks
  • For Mac/OSX: /Users/username/Library/RaiBlocks
  • For Linux: ~/RaiBlocks

Here are the steps:

  1. If you don’t have the desktop wallet already downloaded, download it and skip to step 4.
  2. If you have a desktop wallet, back it up by going to Accounts->Backup/Clipboard wallet seed. It’s recommended to copy all user data to a separate folder apart from /Raiblocks.
  3. Close it (to be sure it’s closed, check for it with Task Manager on Windows) and delete all data within the Raiblocks user directory folder.
  4. Create your desired amount of Nano (XRB) addresses for your cold wallet.
  5. Back up your wallet seed through Accounts->Backup/Clipboard wallet seed and record the list of your Nano (XRB) addresses.
  6. Close it again, and delete all data in Raiblocks user directory like step 3.
  7. Your hot wallet is now officially cold. To get it back into a hot wallet, just go to Accounts-<Import wallet and put in your seed.

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