Mercatox Coming Back Up – Some Withdrawals Are Processing!

It looks like is coming back up. The site is still under maintenance unfortunately, but they’ve been processing some withdrawals.

On their Twitter, they’ve made the following statement.

“Dear Users. We took all steps that was needed to restore access to our domain. Website will be available in next few hours Thanks for you understanding and patience. Mercatox team”

As you can see from their node, they’ve sent out quite a lot of XRB at 12am January, 3rd.

Some happy Reddit users have confirmed this. Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten their withdrawal yet. I’m still waiting for mine.

About 2 hours ago, they’ve made another statement.

“The service will be restored within 15 minutes. All coins are safe!”

In my personal opinion, I believe that everything will be alright. As hypocritical it is for me to say this, just be patient.

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