List of All Exchanges That Accept XRB / Nano

Below is a list of all exchanges that XRB is on, along with the pending implementations.

  • Binance
    • Perhaps the largest exchange XRB will be listed on. XRB got on Binance by winning the community coin of the month vote. Deposits and withdrawals are now open
    • $6+ billion 24 hour volume.
  • Bit-Z
    • Bit-Z is a very popular and high-volume exchange in Asia.
    • $400 million 24 hour volume.
  • KuCoin
    • Another very high volume exchange, they’ve implemented XRB.
    • $346 million 24 hour volume.
  • CoinFalcon 
    • Another decent exchange, though much lower volume.
    • $13 million 24 hour volume.
  • BitFlip
    • BitFlip has an XRB/USD pair. It is a low-volume exchange. I personally have not used it, so I cannot attest to it.
    • $899,000 24 hour volume.
  • Nanex (formerly Rai.Exchange)
    • Update: They have launched and should be working. Low volume, but with a promising owner.
  • RightBTC
    • Has an XRB/BTC pair. This is a Dubai-based exchange.
    • $21 million 24 hour volume.
  • OKEx
    • This is a high-volume, fairly trustworthy exchange. They offer XRB trading pairs with BTC, ETH, and USDT. They have just recently launched XRB as of early February.
    • $1.5 billion 24 hour volume.
  • Mercatox
    • Deposits and withdrawals not working.
    • $10 million 24 hour volume.
  • BitGrail
    • Lost 19 million Nano of users’ funds. Only able to pay back 4 million Nano. So yeah, don’t use it.

Edited: February 11th to add in OKEx and RightBTC, along with updates regarding BitGrail, Binance, and Nanex.


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