How to Report Bitgrail to the FBI if You Lost Funds from Them

If you are in the US and lost funds from Bitgrail, it is recommended to report to the FBI. This can be extremely beneficial for justice because the more these federal agencies are pressured and realize how large of a scale this hack/scam/loss was, the more likely it is that they will pressure Italy to take action.

This is the specific page for reporting cybercrimes to the FBI. It is not exclusive to US-based cybercrimes, so reporting Francesco Firano (name of Bitgrail owner) who is from Italy shall be fine.

How to report a tip:

  1. First, go to the link above. You must read and accept the terms and conditions for reporting tips.
  2. Fill in your personal info under Victim Information.
  3. Under Financial Transaction pick “Virtual currency,” and specify the amount you’ve lost (please note the amount in both fiat and Nano). It is important to specify the scale of the scam so they realize how big of a deal this is, which is up to $200 million in USD loss or 19 million Nano.
  4. After you’ve filled both of those field types out, explain to the furthest detail the scam and what happened under Description of the Incident. You can refer back to or even link to the Nano team’s official statement about Bitgrail’s insolvency.
  5. Now, under Information About The Subject(s) Who Victimized You, you will have to put the details of Bitgrail, including the owner. Here is all the current available information about the owner(s):



Owners: Francesco Firano (85%) and Andrea Davoli (15%). Associate/admin: Anthony Gozzini (aka ELGozzo).

Companies: WEBCOIN SOLUTIONS – P.IVA: 06513920485 (prior to January 8th)

BITGRAIL SRL – P.IVA 06791600486

Business number: 656632

Tax (VAT) code: IT06791600486

Address: Via Pier Capponi, 89,

City: Florence

Zip: 50132

Country: Italy

Recorded PEC email: [email protected]

Images of him (if you’d like to include):×432.png×300.png

Note: I promise those images will not get taken down from my site until justice is served. It still is not a bad idea to create extra copies of these images.


After this, you should be very close to finishing. You’ll just need to put any other relevant information you have under the Other Information section. Under Who Filed the Complaint, you should obviously choose yourself as the victim and enter in your contact information so they can contact you if needed. Finally, you can submit the tip.

I sincerely hope this was helpful for whoever reading. I’d like to express my fullest sympathies to those who have been scammed by Francesco Firano. Let’s hope this turns out well.

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