Big News: Large Crypto Exchange Bit-Z To Officially List XRB!

Today, large cryptocurrency exchange Bit-Z has announced that they will officially add Raiblocks to their exchange.

This is great news for XRB, as they are quite a large exchange, ranking in at $430 million as their 24 hour trading volume. They are larger and far more reliable and reputable than Bitgrail and Mercatox. Additionally, they only require a withdrawal fee of 0.5%, comparing to the $30 (1 XRB) withdrawal fee of Mercatox.

XRB is now available to deposit on their site, and XRB/BTC trading is set to launch 16:00 January 5th, 2018.

Expect XRB to sky-rocket in price in the coming weeks. XRB will also likely get onto Binance, adding to the imminent predicted explosion in price.

Now is a great time to buy into Raiblocks if you haven’t already. Finally the days of long waits and fees from the previous exchanges are over.


Mercatox is up, though not everyone’s withdrawals have been processed… Still.

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